Summer Sum-mer Time (To be sung)

It's still the summer holidays and i'm sure a lot of you still have holidays to go on, kids to look after and sun to enjoy before you get back into your normal routines. Around these times training isn't always easy, whether that’s because you’re in holiday mode or you can’t get 30 minutes of peace, let alone time to get to the gym.

If you’re on holiday we know you’re doing at least one of the following things, eating your bodyweight in delicious food or drinking all the cocktails and if you’re really on the holiday nutrition plan you’re probably doing both. Don’t worry you’re not in trouble, you’re on holiday, enjoy every minute of it, however what we do recommend is getting in a short workout in the morning before you’re too full or you’ve drunk too much. There plenty of reason to get a short workout in:

  1. 1) Maintain some fitness whilst you’re away

  2. 2) Keep fitness in your routine so when you return home it's easy to get yourself back in the gym

  3. 3) Peace of mind - we want you to enjoy your holiday! Not worry about your beach body, a little workout here and there will keep you feeling your best

  4. 4) You never regret a workout!!! Basically backing up the first three points, a workout will have you feeling like you’ve accomplished something for the day and ready to attack all that the holiday nutrition plan has to offer, guilty free

For lots of you it’s school holidays and that means having the little littleone around 24/7. Normal routines are destroyed and its chaos. Fitting in exercise where and when you can is important for so many reasons, most being the same as the reasons to train on holiday but a mainly to blow off some steam so you don’t kill your kids.

Home/hotel room workouts are a simple and effective way to keep you active throughout the holidays.

You can also use our examples to have some fun with it and create your own workouts.

Tabatas (20 on:10 off), EMOMs (Every Minute On the Minute) are both great ways to ensure you fill your free time wisely and don’t run over time.

Example 1:

Tabata 1 - 20 on :10 off x 8 (4minutes) Alternate: Down ups & Sit ups

Rest 2 minutes

Tabata 2 - Alternate: squats & dynamic planks

Rest 2 minutes and repeat. Overall working time 22 minutes


  1. a) 45 second plank

  2. b) 12 lunges + 4 walkouts (add press up if you can)

  3. c) 20 second high knees + 20 seconds squats

If big @dudders35 can fit a workout in this little room then you've got no excuse!

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