What if there is No More Regionals? 😱

So the rumour mill is well and truly turning - with Greg Glassman (CEO of CrossFit) wanting to make a shift to focus more on the health side of CrossFit and less on the Competition. There is reports that this means the end of regionals as we know it.

The proposed restructure is no doubt going to cause issue for the CrossFit Games athletes - the 0.0001% of CrossFitters out there. But what does it mean for you? In reality probably nothing. The focus of CrossFit has always and will continue to be to live a healthy full life. To use functional movement and fitness to prepare you for whatever life might throw at you. If you are competitive by nature, that’s okay, in fact we encourage it. Push yourself. Compete with yourself. Be the very best version of yourself every day.

But what if you were aiming to compete at regionals?

There is a lot of people out there for whom this is the end goal - a standard by which to prove they are ‘good enough’. It might be time to change your goals, and it may even be time to have a think why that was the be all and end all in the first place? Is it because you love to compete, love to test yourself, love to find your limits? If this is the case don’t worry, competitive CrossFit is still well and truly alive. There are loads of competitions out there (which are less limited by the boundaries of Regionals and with better vetted qualifiers than the Open) where you can test yourself against the best in your country, Europe or even the World*. Or is it because you were dreaming of the day you could put ‘Regionals Athlete’ in your instagram bio? Because this ship might of sailed.

Of course we had dreams of bringing home a ‘Team Motion’ board and representing our box on the big stage. Unfortunately it is now looking like this dream now won’t become a reality. But we’re excited to hear more about what changes CrossFit will be making and we will continue to look for the positives we can take from them for ourselves and our members.

Right now we can’t be sure what is going to happen in 2019 with regionals or what direction CrossFit will head to next. What we can be sure of is we love this training method. No matter what happens we will continue to strive to be the best versions of ourselves and help you do the same.

*Events we’d recommend for competitive CrossFitters – European

/ French Throwdown/ Swiss Alpine Battle/ Wodapolooza & many more

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