Our Story

A dream has become a reality

It all started with a vision amongst three friends, to build the first facility of its kind. A strength and fitness community in the heart of Surbiton.

The location and the building were perfect. However, it took a little over 2 1/2 years before the team would get the keys in their hands.

Then came the first challenge, of turning this old warehouse into a dream gym.

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Owners, Dudley, Grace and Harrison have never been afraid of a challenge and Motion went on to open its doors for the first time in October 2018 with an incredible turnout. 

It was a busy few months at the start with every waking hour spent at the gym; coaching classes, handing out flyers or trying to squeeze some training in.

It's great to see, 3 years later, people from that first evening are not only still members but great friends and part of a community like no other.

Before long, the workload was too much for 3 people - it was time to bring in some extra help.

Chris, who was already a close friend and incredible coach was a natural fit to join the team, and he brought a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Chris loves to coach the skills of gymnastics and the fundamentals of good movement and looking after the body. He recently became a Dad and now trains to look good and move well.

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Emma was next to join the Motion family after moving to Kingston from Plymouth.

Emma specialises in weightlifting, having won bronze at the 2021 British Weightlifting competition.

She runs and programs our Weightlifting Class on Friday evening and is a full-time CrossFit coach at Motion.


Coach Chris Thorne joined shortly after Emma and brings big energy and wealth of experience with 4 years of coaching under his belt.

We are a small team of 7 but a close family that prides ourselves on knowing our community whether that's each person's name that joins or understanding each members strengths and weaknesses and goals they might be working towards in the gym.  



We have proudly teamed with Andreas from All Things Physio to better understand and work around rehab, injuries and prehab at Motion.

Nothing is more important to us than making sure our members stay fit and healthy.

All Things Physio