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CrossFit GU1

5 Years on

After the growth of Surbiton, we had the opportunity to expand into our second site in the heart of Guildford.

After learning from our first gym we created GU1 just the way we wanted from the ground up.

Owner Grace now works at Surbiton and Guildford to join the team and get to know the Guildford family as it grows.


Chris G, already a close friend and our first hire at Surbiton, was a natural fit to lead the team in Guildford as Gym Manager.

Chris loves to coach gymnastics skills and the fundamentals of good movement. He recently became a dad of two and now trains to look good and move well.


Mark has been working as a coach for the last ten years and running another affiliate before joining Motion, bringing him a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Mark is the head coach at GU1 and loves coaching CrossFit movements, especially chipper-style workouts that require some pacing.


Coach Holly and Coach Chris always bring big energy to every class. Together, they have a ton of experience coaching and competing.

Chris recently won the ATHX  championships, while Holly enjoys competing in CrossFit team events.

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